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Faith Chapel began in 1915 as Church of the Covenant Reformed Church.

In 1957, Covenant had fallen on hard times and hired a Stated Supply pastor named Rev. Dr. Richard Munn Suffern. In his retirement, Dr. Suffern , began mission work in the building under the leadership of Elder Richard Kooistra. The work grew and Elder Kooistra became Rev. Kooistra. When Rev. Kooistra moved to Wisconsin, Raymond Timms' was appointed to continue the work. Under Pastor Timms' leadership, Faith Chapel was organized as an RCA congregation in 1990.

After years of faithful service, Pastor Timms retired in 2009.

In December 2009, Darryl Redmond was received as Minister under contract and in November 2010 he became the first installed pastor by classis of Faith Chapel Reformed Church. Through Pastor Redmond God has restored, replenished and renewed the witness of the church in this great community.

This strong and vibrant congregation has come together to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Faith Chapel has been standing for 106 years, spreading the word of God.

We are grateful and give glory to God.



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 Faith Chapel Reformed Church

 empowers Christians through

fellowship, teaching the gospel message of Jesus Christ, and mission work. Our vision is to globally spread the word of God by missioning around the world with the love of Jesus Christ.


We believe that when we accept the sacrifice Christ has made for us and commit our lives to him, we are born again. God sees us as perfect, the way we were created to be. 


 Whether it's the annual Back to School kickoff or local mission work, Faith Chapel is dedicated to outreach in the community  and is ready to serve the greater Paterson community and beyond.                                                                                                         

Pink Gradient
Darryl Redmond
Minister of Word & Sacrament

Darryl Redmond is a native of Paterson, NJ who has been anointed by God with many gifts that are used to build up God’s kingdom. Early in his ministry, he served extensively in the area of music and worship. He was blessed to have the opportunity to sing with Grammy Award winning gospel legend Andrae' Crouch in 1984.

In 1992, Darryl answered the call to teach and preach the gospel. In December 2009 accepted the call as pastor of Faith Chapel Reformed Church in Paterson, NJ. In 2010, he became the first installed pastor of Faith Chapel by the Reformed Church in America.

Pastor Redmond is a dynamic teacher of the gospel who is committed to using the word of God and the gifts he's been given, to share the message of Jesus Christ. Pastor Darryl is married to Geraldine and has three daughters Korall, Zuri and Zemirah.

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